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Tubing in the Comal River

Finally, it’s summer, and one of the best ways to be refreshed under the hot Texas sun is to enjoy a tubing adventure down the Comal River. Known for its shorter float, calm waters, and of course the infamous tube chute located at Prince Solms Park.

The Comal River became widely known when it was featured on Ripley's Believe It or Not for being the shortest river in the world. With its 2.5 miles long, pure, clear, and cold waters, 23-29 Celsius, it has been drawing adventurers from nearby cities and even tourists from far away countries year-round. Keep on reading to get the best tips from locals on how to enjoy the river more!

Local Tubing Outfitters:

She offers all-inclusive floats that include tubes, dry bags, ice waters (nondisposable bottle), an ice chest, a sunglass strap, a Bluetooth speaker, information and advice, and a guide for $75.00 per person.

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They offer the first and only interlocking float tube. Their all-inclusive package includes Fluzzle interlocking tube, Fluzzle interlocking ice chest with ice, 1/2 gallon beverage jug per person, Water (1 per person), Koozie for later (yours to keep), Bluetooth Speaker (1 per group), New Braunfels Guide (1 per group), Transportation back to your vehicle, and more for $70.00 per person. And if you are looking for a place to stay, they have available rooms too.

Address: 500 N Market Ave New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: +1 830-305-3091

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3. 444 Tubing Company They offer private river access for customers renting their tubes and shuttle service for only $25.00 unlimited on the weekdays. You can also rent a Cabana where you can dry up, relax, and bond more with your group. Address: 444 E San San Antonio St New Braunfels, TX 78130 Phone: +1 830-730-8740

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Their rentals include 1 roundtrip shuttle with regular tube and free parking. You can choose from three different kinds of tubes for as low as $25.00. Before floating, drop by their gift shop to buy some necessities to make your floating experience more memorable.

Address: 1880 Business 35 South New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: +1 830-387-4408

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Aside from their basic tube rentals and shuttle service, they also offer all-day, late-day, overnight, and multiple-day rentals. A shuttle service from Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, and anywhere in the New Braunfels area is also available.

Address: 120 S Liberty Ave New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: +1 830-626-6687

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They have a great location right at the beginning of the Comal River and they also offer the longest river float with the best prices to match. On top of their tubing rentals, they offer a wide onsite parking space for free.

Phone: +1 830-625-5889

Address: 187 Meusebach St New Braunfels, TX 78130

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They have various rates to choose from and offer discounted rates to First Responders, Active/Retired Militaries, teachers, nurses, and also to groups.

Address: 217 E. Mill Street St. New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: +1 830-302-7878

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They have the only private exit on the river. After floating, have a good drink, listen to good music, eat good food, and enjoy more with your group at their sitting desks.

Address: 193 South Liberty Street New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: +1 830-620-6262

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They offer the most convenient spot when tubing in the Comal River. They are located right on the shoreline which makes it very easy for customers to load up and hop right in. They’re also considered as one of the best places to go when tubing in New Braunfels.

Address: 250 Meusebach St. New Braunfels, TX 78130

Phone: +1 (830) 626-9900

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10 Top Tips from locals before tubing in:

1. "Put life jackets on little ones. If you go down the tube chute and flip, let yourself go to the bottom and push yourself up diagonally. There is a whirlpool there that will keep you down. Do not fight it. Have fun!!" ~ Priscilla

2. "Take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous trees, admire a turtle or even catch a glimpse of a gorgeous water snake along the shore. It’s all so beautiful. Such natural beauty!" ~Kortnee

3. "Keep in mind if anybody in your party is not a strong swimmer I highly recommend life jackets or avoid the tube chute all together. Other than that it’s a beautiful float but very busy on the weekends if you could. I would go during the week less crowded." ~Catherine

4. "Make sure to wear water shoes or old sneakers, there are lots of slick surfaces, jagged rocks, and the pavement gets hot enough to fry an egg on." ~Martin

5. "Don't tie your tubes together as it's a huge safety hazard going down the tube chute on comal." ~Shirley

6. "Bring sunscreen with you and use it frequently and wear hats and sunglasses with straps (and use them). I would also sunscreen shirts especially for kids. Leave your phone, wallet, car keys, and camera...Stay hydrated. Lastly and most important, have fun." ~Kathy

7. "I suggest you go to Prince Solms Park one evening and walk down to the river to observe people who are floating. Get familiar with the area. Walk around the sidewalks by the water to see where you can get out before the tube chute and where to get back in after the tube chute. Watch people go through the chute and see who is successfully navigating it, and what happens to the people who do not." ~Kristi

8. "Don’t bring Anything of value or anything you don’t want to lose. Wedding bands, phones and expensive items should be left at home." ~Katy

9. "Tube with a bottom for a cooler (bring a big plastic cup with a screw on cap and have pre-made drinks) make sure you put all your trash into the provided yellow or red bag and don’t litter!! If you want to, bring a waterproof speaker for music i.e. a waterproof bag for a phone to play music and make sure it’s tied to someone or something or in the cooler." ~Sydney

​10. "No cans or disposable containers unless you want a ticket." ~Asiah

To make your tubing experience more memorable we advise you to bring your smiles, enjoy and have fun!

After enjoying your river adventure, eat lunch at 7Monk’s Café to have a taste of the best and award-winning Indian and Mediterranean flavors in town!

This article is accurate as of the time of publishing. We always recommend calling every individual business to ensure their hours of operation remain accurate.

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